Fely Kahalewai

On April 2022, I took a business trip to Tennessee with my husband and some friends. While on that trip, my friend became ill but didn’t know if she had covid or not. She didn’t let that spoil our trip because we had 2 more days to venture out in Tennessee. And so, we did! When we returned to Hawaii, I got a voicemail from my friend saying that she has Covid. I didn’t feel ill or anything, so I went to work. As the day progressed, I felt a little bit feverish. I went home to take a covid test and it came out positive. This is where it all began....

Fast forward to a year later....I really didn’t think anything about my sense of smell because I’ve lived with sinus problems. But while I was cooking on the BBQ grill, I’ve notice that the smoke was coming right into my face, and I couldn’t even smell that. I got more worried about my sense of smell because I couldn’t even smell a propane tank that was on, and it was leaking fumes. I then started to reach out to my doctor and did testing and he recommended that I do a saline / medicated rinse daily. And another friend also told me to do some essential oil smelling therapy. Tried everything and it wasn’t really cutting it.

One day, my husband’s aunt introduced me to Malia Davidson. I was in the impression that Malia worked for the County of Maui because my husband’s aunt came to Maui for a business meeting for the County. Malia would come around whenever his aunt was in town. Month’s past and I got a text from Malia with a YouTube video about a Tao healer that she was going to see in the mainland. I thought, “why is she sending me this video”. The video was of a man that healed a woman that had some sort of back problems, and she was healed by him. He was also one of Malia’s Tao Professor. A few weeks later, we went away on a trip and when we returned, we heard of Malia Davidson coming to our farm and doing some Tao healing on some of the families that we housed due to the Lahaina fire. As I listened to all the healing stories, I reached out to Malia and said, “I didn’t know you do Tao healing”, She then said, “yes, that’s what I do”. I was so surprised, I cried to her for her to help me. And she did! Malia came over a few times to my home to help me regain my sense of smell, to bless my home as well as help my daughter and husband too. Since Malia’s visit, I’m able to smell my farm animals, smoke, and everything that smells good and bad. I’m very thankful that I’ve met Malia! She’s the real deal!

Tamara Paltin

It works for me, I don’t know how or why but it calms me everytime I do the practices or ask for help when I’m overwhelmed. And the most amazing of all when my mom had a major stroke in late January of this year and I asked for help and she was blessed to receive a golden light ball, golden liquid spring for her heart she came out to almost full recovery within full hours regaining all function now just has trouble finding words sometimes.

Allen Atkinson

I am just a few weeks into the classes and already feeling different. Sometimes subtle and yet when I stop and think, or feel about it I realize a lot is shifting, moving, changing. The short time I spent 1:1 with Malia was amazing and look forward to spending more 1:1 time diving deeper. Mahalo Malia!  



Angel Joy

I have been attending the classes and doing the practices. With the practices I have an increase in energy levels and I feel much more grounded. I usually drink coffee every day and need it. But I haven’t been needing it so far! I also have been noticing a shift in my mindset for the better. I recently started a new job and have been able to remain calm in stressful situations. I'm so grateful for the classes. I highly recommend attending the classes. The blessings are amazing. Thank You 🙏


Judy Waters

I love Punawai Monday evening sessions that bring us into great oneness with each other, with our environment. A great opportunity to help one another heal, learn, serve. Thank you Malia.




Pauline Quimson

What an amazing introduction session to Honoring Father: Healing the Past! Both Malia Davidson and Dr Valerie Simonsen created such a safe sacred space that I was able to share, participate fully, relax and let go… I am grateful and I give appreciation to you both.



Wow, I’m still buzzing! What a gift to Maui! I am blown away at how clearing the space was [at Punawai Healing]. Kumu Mālia renewed my sense of direction and ability to distinguish what’s good for me – trusting in myself more deeply in order to move forward in my endeavors. I’m more hopeful than I’ve been in a long time that my business efforts will result in net positive success with this [Hawaiian] culturally-informed Taoist healing and practice. Mahalo nui!


Aunty Nahua.

Tracing the calligraphy, I could feel my blood stream flowing. Mahalo





Terry McGill

I'm healing from Covid and am very grateful to have been awake for tonight....and need to go to bed. Thank you for You, Malia. ❤️"




Tamara Paltin

Within one hour of the blessing
I feel much lighter walking around the building compared to to this morning. mahalo Nui

Kayla Hoku Shaw

A little over 6 years ago, I was divinely guided into the healing space of Tao that Malia offers. My first interaction with her was after a destructive Lahaina fire burned several homes. She was offering Tao as a healing modality for the community at an outreach event.

Between then and now, we have grown to know each other in a different capacity, but always around the common theme of supporting and caring for the community.

Tao was re-introduced back into my life through Malia after yet another Lahaina fire that burned the entire town. We were both engaged in supporting our community after the fire by offering resources and rendering support and services for the essential needs of displaced Lahaina families. The disaster took  a toll on our entire community, including those helping.  Malia served displaced families and helpers like myself through Tao to initiate the healing process on a cellular and spiritual level. Her services can be accessed in-person and from afar via online seminars. Her online seminars draws a crowd with people from all over the world. She operates a judgement free and inclusive space that is very healing.

Malia has served me and my family in both capacities, in-person and through online seminars, and each time I have felt better. Her energy field is that of compassion, love and peace. I give my highest recommendation to the healing modality of tao and to Malia for being a carrier of knowledge and light of these teachings. She brings a critical piece of healing for our community.

Mana Healing Testimonials

Let's hear their feedback. 

Marlene Belschner

Heart feels more peaceful since the blessing.

Judy Waters

Pain just diminished a lot after 1st intensifying

My heart is saying, "rest and replenish."


Allen Atkinson

I'm Relaxed… ideas flowing.

Pain is down to 1. And really tired, which usually means lots healing and energy moving for me. 🙏🏽

Marie Hope

Our teacher has love and wisdom which spans the beautiful planet! It was such a generous blessing. Thank you Malia and your beautiful heart for our teacher, Master Sha!

Diane Giese

Wonderful light. Mahalo 🙏

Eugene Gorodnitskiy

Feel warmth in my body

Aakara Wiegand

 Nervous system calming and reduction of anxiety 💛

Rhonda Alexander-Monkres

Feel lighter and a sense of being free. I could feel the positive energy and see the light glowing, it made me smile and happy.

Teressa Tucker

I feel better ❤️‍🩹 my heart was heavy and now lighter mahalo

Angela Asemana

Thank You Malia. My heart and mind feels calm and peaceful. 🙏🏽💖

Barbara Parks

Beautiful evening. So so grateful. Much love and aloha to everyone

Kayla Shaw

Forgiveness feels lighter. This time the sensation is in my hands.

Zahir Mohamed

Mom's feeling warm and back ease alot. 

Pain from 8 down to  4.

Luana Kawaʻa

Pain from 5 down to 1.

Aunty Felt

Deep peace. Experienced decrease from 9 to 5 of symptoms. 

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