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 Embark on a transformative journey with Punawai LLC, founded in January 2023 by Master Tao Healer and Teacher Malia Davidson, under the guidance of Dr. & Grandmaster Zhi Gang Sha. Our mission is to spread the profound Tao wisdom and healing techniques across Hawai’i and beyond. 'Punawai' means 'spring water', a symbol of life's purity and vitality. Inspired by the selfless essence of water, we are dedicated to nurturing and positively changing the lives of our clients and students. Join us in this exciting adventure to discover inner peace, healing, and personal growth. Experience the power Tao wisdom and healing with us. 



Malia Davidson

Aloha mai kākou,

ʻO George Ehu Kumukahi ke kane.  ʻO Josephine Kahelelani  Kalāhiki he wahine,
Noho pu lāua a hānau ia o Josephine Keolahou Kumukahi he wahine
ʻO David Allen Davidson he kane, ʻO Josephine Kahelelani Kumukahi he wahine
Noho pu lāua a hānau ia o Kamakaalohilohiomalia Dolorine Davidson he wahine
Ola ka Hāloa o ka ʻohana Kumukahi-Davidson

E ola!

It is a joy and great honor to be a child of this land that has nourished me all my life.  Since December 2011, Iʻve had the privilege of studying Tao soul healing wisdom and techniques from my teacher Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha.  On August 8, 2015, he appointed me as one of his Master Teachers of the Tao Academy.  At that time, I was the first native Hawaiian appointed to this kuleana (responsibility) for Hawaii.

Malia Davidson, a devoted mother of five and a Certified Master Teacher of the Tao Academy holds the unique honor of being the first native Hawaiian entrusted with the kuleana (responsibility) for Hawai'i by her teacher, Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. Since December 2011, Malia has immersed herself in the profound teachings of Tao wisdom and soul healing, seamlessly blending her cultural upbringing with soul power to offer a distinctive perspective.

Rooted in the discipline of aloha and soul healing, Malia's life journey spans roles as a mother, community organizer, university lecturer, college scholarship director, crew member of Hawaii's largest private watershed, and human rights advocate. These diverse experiences have provided her with invaluable lessons that fuel her commitment to serving and understanding the urgent shifts occurring globally.

As the founder of Punawai, LLC, Malia extends a heartfelt wish to support your inward journey towards peace, healing, and joy. Drawing inspiration from the Hawaiian proverb "Aʻohe pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahi," which translates to "All knowledge is not learned in one school," she recognizes the interconnectedness of Tao and Hawaiian wisdom. Malia's approach involves an inward dive into the soul's purpose, fostering reverence for one's soul, and connecting to the elements that surround us.

Testimonials from individuals like Aunty Nahua, Judy Waters, and Allen Atkinson echo the transformative experiences under Malia's guidance. You can see these testimonies below, where individuals share their journeys of oneness, healing, and learning during Punawai's sessions. Through Punawai, Malia creates a space for individuals facing challenges in wealth, relationships, grief, or seeking spiritual guidance.

Malia's teachings are inclusive and extend to anyone seeking wisdom for energy, stamina, immunity, vitality, or guidance in various aspects of life. Regardless of age, her mission is to nurture each individual's soul journey, offering unwavering support in their pursuit of peace, harmony, and inner joy.

"Tracing the calligraphy, I could feel my blood stream flowing. Mahalo"


- Aunty Nahua

"I love Punawai Monday evening sessions that bring us into great oneness with each other, with our environment. A great opportunity to help one another heal, learn, serve. Thank you Malia."

- Judy Waters


"Very calm body and mind, felt energy pulsating in hands. Felt appreciated

- Allen Atkinson


Who is this for?

  • People suffering from wealth conditions
  • Painful relationships
  • Grief and Sadness due to passing of loved ones
  • Seeking spiritual guidance
  • Seeking peace and harmony
  • Guidance for new Relationship
  • Guidance for career path
  • Guidance for studies
  • Who seeks wisdom for energy, stamina, immunity, and vitality.

These teachings are for everyone at all ages. 




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